Well Being

I Need to Self-Regulate? What You Talkin’ About Willis??

Many of you are too young to remember the sitcom Diff’rent Strokes, but in the show, some disaster could be occurring with everyone running around and the older brother (Willis) would say something, and the younger brother would stop everything, get very serious, look directly at his brother and say, “What you talkin’ about Willis?”…

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How the Davis Program Saved My Son …and Me

I can feel the conflicting tears of joy and anguish rise up from my stomach, through my chest, and into my throat as they make their way to my tear ducts and are released onto my face as I think about our lives nine years ago. Tears of joy for what is, and tears of…

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Be Happy Today! Don’t Wait Until Tomorrow

I will be happy when…… Raise your hand if you have said this to yourself before. I will be happy when the check finally comes. I will be happy when the weather gets better. I will be happy when summer comes. I will be happy when summer is over. I will be happy when… fill…

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