A 2 Day Live Event for Parents and Educators

in Southern California

Join us March 24th & 25th 2018 to learn

3 Keys to Unlock the Genius of Autism and ADHD, Helping You to Help Your Child Participate Fully in Life!

Marriott Riverside at the Convention Center

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A note from Dr. Angie...


As parents and educators of children with autism, dyslexia and ADHD, we know something others don’t…these kids are smart and are trying harder than neurotypical kids just to survive. We know these children struggle to express themselves, engage socially with their peers, take in information in social or academic settings, and sometimes seem to live in their own world.

This leaves them (and their families) feeling isolated, misunderstood and hopeless. But, we also know there is a genius inside of each them… they just don’t know how to share it with the world. The part of them that allows them to be creative and “lost in their own world” is the same part which gives rise to their genius.

What if they had tools to capitalize on their gift?! This would allow them to overcome the obstacles they are experiencing, yet maintain who they are at their core. This would be the best of both worlds. This is what the Unlock the Genius series is all about. It is not about changing your child. It is about empowering you and your child.

Unlock The Genius empowers you with:

  • Understanding - The why, what and how of your child’s behaviors, difficulties and gifts.
  • Support – What your child needs from you as their parent and/or teacher.
  • A Plan – Guides you through the next action steps to give you and your child the non-pharmaceutical tools and skills necessary for them to participate fully in life

Join us! Knowledge is power! Be empowered!



My husband, who is a physician, and I attended Dr. Angie's 2-day Unlock the Genius workshop on Autism. HOLY COW!!! It was incredibly amazing!!! We learned more in that short time about our sweet adopted 9-year old boy than we have ever learned.

-Trisha Jamison-


This is an incredible workshop. The light bulb went on. I had multiple A-HA moments! This is not just another reading or math program. It addresses the whole child including behavior. It gave me hope that I can understand my child better and have a positive relationship with him. I look forward to working more with Dr. Angie.

-Carrie Asi-

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